Viesmīlības skolas

About Us

In order to improve the knowledge of professionals working in hospitality, a school has been founded, that will be able to prepare waiters, bartenders and cooks with good practical and theoretical base for the standards of the Western Europe, as well as give a better understanding of hospitality company administration for managers.

The author of the idea and founder of the school Janis Jenzis: "The most important goal of this school will be to form a new generation of knowledgable personnel working in hospitality, which, alongside professional and theoretical know-how, will acquire practical abilities that will be worked up to perfection. We will operate together with teachers, who are professionals and experts in the field. Not only with theory, but with our examples we will generate a fertile atmosphere for growth and self-development. I myself like to serve and take care of the customers of my restaurant and I will be glad to share my professional knowledge with you. I am certain that the occupations of bartenders, waiters and cooks have great growth potential in Latvia. Professionals of high standards have good salaries and can compete , for example, even with professionals working in banks. I am sure that we will succeed!"